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Wow where has 2020 gone and how it has shaped how we as a civilization live, work and play . For many, it may not have been the most enterprising or productive of years as COVID put many spanners in the works on so many projects.

If you were blessed enough to achieve any of the goals set, I say congratulations and well done . Pat yourself on the back. And if not, that's ok too! Keep charging and driving towards that goal as every small step towards your goal is progress.

For my family it was a year full of ups and downs:

Ups for Tejal and myself

Settling into a new country 🇨🇦

Tejal: Passing her law bars exams ‍

Renting our place

Finding Jobs

Passing my drivers license Test

Launched my Blog

Getting through mental health issues


Settling in struggles


Several rejections on job and rental opportunities.

2020 has also allowed Tejal and myself to spend the time, which I am sure you may agree with me, that most don't have when we lived pre-Covid.

2020 has given me so much and am forever grateful for all the love and support from all you guys .

A big thank you to each one who has played a part in my journey of self-discovery and all I ask is for you to pay it forward in any way.

Be Brave and have a Rave

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