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Fear: Friend or Foe

What would happen if you are not afraid?

Fear is something I have probably mentioned before and something I will continue to speak about. Fear determines our mannerisms, behaviours, thought process and actions which leads us down particular paths. Fear can keep you safe or it can be a detriment. Whichever path it takes you there is always that burning question “what if”?

I have asked this question on numerous occasions and regret some things that happen because I let fear get the better of me. Anxiety kicked in, cognitive functions suffered and lost all sense of self belief.

Life has thought me some harsh lessons, one’s I never thought I would need to ever face but thankfully I did and faced them head on and did not run away from it.

I know I cannot undo the past however learning to face fears in the now, overcoming adversities in the future will only be a good thing.

Ask yourself “what is the worst that can happen?” I do ☺️.

In this pic my emotions were one of pure joy and happiness, emotions I haven’t felt so strong in such a long time. It felt like I belonged to this environment and have found myself again. It’s been a long journey of self reflections and going inwards to find myself but all worth the effort. My journey Is by far done. Slowly fear is becoming my Allie and friend. Let it be yours 🙏🏽

Be Brave and Have a Rave 🕺.


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