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Inner Demons

How many of you have heard this term "Inner Demons"?

Don't worry if you haven't. I would like to share my inner demons that I had to work through and perhaps through this it will give you a better understanding of the triggers that you have been battling with:

1. Childhood Trauma's - For me this was key to understanding who I am today. Never in a million years did I ever think that the experiences that occur during your early childhood years have a profound and meaningful impact on who you eventually become. From being left outside of a movie theater at the age of 4 alone on the sidewalk in the evening to being bullied in school and in sports which left huge internal psychological scars denting the confidence I had. Once I learned to openly deal and accept these traumas, the healing began. The key is to tackle your traumas early on in life rather than later, otherwise these trauma’s follow us into adulthood. Trust me when I say this "this shit is no joke, it can either make or break you". If you have kids try your best to help them overcome their negative experiences by making them aware that all their feelings are valid. That goes a long way to tackling the issue first hand while they are younger.

2. Addictions - I never got involved in social smoking, drinking, drugs, or sex during my teenage years as I understood the consequences and my parents stern voice coming across whenever I would think of doing anything that they would disapprove of.  However, once my teenage years passed and I became an adult, I started with certain addictions because of the lack of experiencing them as a teenager.  These addictions almost cost me everything and my life too. However, it also allowed me to understand what it is that I was ultimately searching for. As much as it is difficult sometimes teenagers need to experience certain things in order for them to know what is not good for them. 

3. Generational curses - These are the negative patterns in your family that are repeated generation after generation until one soul is brave enough to break it. For me, this curse was "WolfPack" and “Alienating” family dynamics. In the back of my mind, I knew this was wrong but out of fear (stemming from childhood trauma) never stood up and called family members out on these actions. Yes, we all want to feel that sense of belonging but standing up for what you believe in and love is more powerful than silence. It allows future generations to grow in healthy and self-loving ways with healthier family dynamics.

Every day I am still working through some of the scars left by these inner demons but the realization has helped in phenomenal ways.

Below are the things that have helped me overcome these inner demons:

1. Yoga and Meditation

2. Therapy

3. Staying Active

4. Finding my passion again

5. Trying things and accepting that failure is part of learning.

I hope by sharing my own experiences, it has helped you in some way to overcome any inner demons you are currently battling with.

Please feel free to reach me at or any of my social handles (links at the top of my page) should you wish to share or require any assistance. Remember you are not alone.

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"Be Brave, Have a Rave"

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