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Inside Out

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What lies beneath? The formal question we pose on a daily basis: How are you doing? Are you OK? I am OK or I am good is the everyday response. It is a universal and natural response unless we have learnt from a very young age to express how we truly feel. Slowly along the years the expression light slowly begins to dim down and we either hide and bottle up our emotions or we overly express them. Either way, we need to find a balanced way to express these emotions as each one of us is unique, like a finger print.

As we develop and morph our way through life, from the very day we are conceived, relationships are formed. Each player in those relationships develops a feeling. Positive or negative, it is OK to express that emotion. Having had to learn to express my emotions in my 30's has really allowed me to get through the darkest times in my life and I owe that to so many people, however the one person who has truly shown me the way is my beautiful wife "Tejal Harri-Morar". A kind yet sometimes misunderstood soul, who has never been shy to express her feelings and is always positive in the way she expresses her emotions and feelings. She has taught me to be open and honest with my feelings. Honesty is the best policy and will free you from any dilemma you face, trust me I know. Honesty just breaks those shackles and allows you to live the life you truly want. Respect yourself enough to say hey, its OK to be vulnerable, to cry, to have a bad day or like we say in South Africa "kak" (meaning crap in Afrikaans).  What is important is to look back at the lesson and try. I say TRY because that is all we can do…nobody is perfect and should failure occur then no problem, dust yourself off, take the time to acknowledge, accept and feel the emotions. Talking, writing, being active, fulfilling a hobby, is what helps our minds to work through our troubles.

I end off by leaving you with a lesson I have learnt: Speak your truth and you will live your truth Inside and Out!

Be Brave and Have a Rave

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